Jazz Guitar Theory Lessons

Please also read ‘Music Theory Lessons’

Jazz guitar theory, although primarily an advanced level subject is very well documented and a choice which is easily achievable to apply to your own guitar playing when approached correctly.

All basic and many advanced structures are available as printed music hence why being able to read is vitally important before tackling the deeper complexities of jazz piano.

Whether it is blues, ragtime, swing, bebop, fusion or many other styles derived from jazz harmony, the history of jazz guitar is a rich, alive and very powerful force in sustaining the development of 21st century guitarists.

Many people start lessons with an acoustic guitar they have at home and get an electric guitar at a later stage of learning to play. Call 020-8185-7368 to book lessons.

We are a dedicated team of guitar teachers offering guitar lessons in Lewisham for all skill levels and age groups. We specialise in children’s beginner lessons for ages 6 to 17 and have many classes in Lewisham reflecting this age group. We also have a private lesson programme for adults looking to learn guitar in Lewisham.

We are located at Bellingham Music Centre, 46 Randlesdown Road. Our opening Times for drop in enquiries are, Monday to Friday from 4pm to 6pm & on Saturdays from 10am to 3pm and on Sundays 10am – 12noon.

For enquiries or to book a guitar lesson with us, call 020-8185-7368, we look forward to speaking with you.