Online Guitar Lessons From Us

Learning the guitar is hard.

That’s if you do not approach it realistically.

Think of the reasons you want to play.

Some of us have a passion for listening, others want to be the star of the show.

The students that get the most enjoyment are the ones who are not living under any illusions.

These are intellectuals, the introverts, the beautiful minds of those quieter individuals who just want to try it out, have a go.

Often if someone has lived a quiet life, enjoying the simple pleasures, they find it easy to adjust to the realistic pace of learning when studying an instrument.

Repetition under supervision focuses the mind and brings details to your attention. Working on your aural perception is essential for music students as it provides the person playing the music with a hypnotic trance state which encompasses all of their senses.

If you are still thinking of joining one of those cheap hit and miss computerised guitar courses then be warned!

It is not possible to learn to play the guitar in a weekend, even if a good looking bloke with a floppy fringe says so.

Remote teaching via video call was something we did regularly back in 2014 when the internet was slower and the tv picture was still not clear. The clarity of our present FaceTime system is indeed perfection in comparison.

Originally restarted in 2020 during virus lockdown to save our three music schools from failure, a suitable online piano & guitar teaching platform was chosen and we launched within a week.

In keeping with our company ethos of affordable music lessons, we managed to get teachers to agree to a reasonable hourly rate in exchange for lots of enthusiastic students, we haven’t looked back!

Welcome to ‘Remote Bespoke Solutions for Music Teaching!